What I wear in Ghana

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

A selection of my clothes made in Ghana
One of the perks of living in Ghana is to be able to get custom tailored clothes probably more easily than in anywhere else in the world. You go to the market, buy fabric, tell your seamstress what you want and within a few days you own an awesome and unique piece of clothing. Easy as that!

My seamstress is the best
Since I have been sewing my own clothes for more than five years, I considered buying my own machine when I first came to Ghana. However, there are some superb tailors and seamstresses around, so I decided to support them instead. Fortunately, my seamstress is not only extremely skilled and fast, but also my neighbour.

Tie and Dye (wax batik) skirt
I like to combine Ghanaian clothes with simple basics or

My favorite dress
just wear dresses or jumpsuits as eyecatchers.

Catching up on the news
- Sarah

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