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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Though a lot of people are aware of the fact that not all of Africa lives in huts, people often find it hard to imagine what houses and cities actually look like in African countries. Me as well, before I came to Ghana, had a lot of mental pictures of what towns could look like, characterized by everything I had seen before, from traditional Massai huts in Kenia to skyscrapers in Lagos.
After seven months time in Ghana the houses here are just as familiar to me as the ones in Europe, but still always rich in variety and eye catching.
Now I selected some images for you to get a better picture of what a house can look like in Ghana.

The house I live in

My host family's house in Agona Swedru
I live in a self-contained compound house together with five other family members. We have a frontyard with plantain trees which is quite usual. Most of the Ghanaian cities I've been to before have lots of these houses. I would estimate that most of Ghana's middle class lives in houses like that. There are also compounds with more than one house and family living inside.

Story buildings

House in Nkawkaw, Eastern Region

My neighboorhood
Story buildings often have several departments with all kinds of residents, just like everywhere else in the world. They are also a very common sight.

Small houses

Jamestown in Accra


Every now and then you will also see small houses or "huts". Often, these are the houses of the lower social classes, but you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I remember how I visited one of my colleague's family who lives in a small clay hut and then they had a fan, two TVs and a stereo inside (though it's true that a lot of people who live in these huts are very poor actually).

Houses in big cities

Road in Kumasi
Apartment houses in Accra
Especially in the urban areas you find more and more large-scale houses in every form and colour you can imagine.
I hope I could give you an impression of what living in Ghana can look like, please let me know if there's someting you're particulary interested in about Ghana or suggest a topic for a new post.

- Sarah

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