Dear Diary

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ever since I can remember I have been addicted: to notebooks. I guess there is nothing I have bought so often when I actually didn't need it. Because that was the flaw: I couldn't think of anything to write. So I started writing down the lyrics of my favorite songs. I stopped, though, pretty soon, I knew them back to front, so I couldn't quite muster the composure to keep on writing them. And, once again, my notebooks were pretty but pretty useless.

Then, as I faced the almost impossible task to decide what is necessary for living in Ghana for a year, I couldn't prevent myself from packing one of my beloved notebooks. There I was, having brought the book, so I made myself write down everything that happened. It was quite an effort, because A LOT happened and even within a week I started confusing things. This made me even more determined to write almost on a daily basis, just to keep track of things.
Another volunteer, who has a knack of shoving her opinion into other people's faces, once said how stupid she thinks it is, she would remeber everything that is important.
Only the thing is that I realized, I (and I guess lots of other people too) tend to forget how they felt about something at a certain time. Life is a mess and it's easy to judge events in your life because of what has happened after them. Sometimes you will look back at something and throw your hands up, thinking "how could I be so stupid to do that?". But maybe it was just what you wanted at that time. It can be hard beating oneself up about things, but a diary is a great way of empathizing with one's former self.

Before I could even realize it, writing became my best form of self-reflection and self therapy. It certainly takes some time getting into it and not feeling awkward writing these things, but once you find yourself in it, writing a diary can be extremely relieving. I have tried before, but I always felt like I had nothing to write about, but thats not true. Everyone has a story to tell. Why don't you write it down? Let the loves in your life read it or keep it to yourself like your very own paper vault. Paste every ticket into it or keep it simple. Write regularly or whenever you feel like it. Just try it, no matter how.
I can very dearly recommend it.

- Sarah

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2 Kommentare

  1. It's really great that you've started writing every day! I've tried to do it countless times but it's always fallen by the wayside.

  2. I know exactly what you mean, even now it sometimes happens that I don't get the time to write for some days and then I'm not motivated to catch up. Keep on going though, even if the things seem trivial to you now, you'll be glad about it later :)