Pay a visit to good old Mother Nature

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

My time in Ghana is coming to an end so now I'm quite eager to see as much of the country as possible during the time left. This weekend I travelled from Central to Eastern Region to visit some friends of mine who work in an orphanage there.
Eastern Region is very much defined by its smooth hills and lush green vegetation.

I love my Ghanaian hometown in Central Region, but it is dusty, noisy and always in a hustle so I wanted to use this opportunity to refuel my mind and energy with an escape to good old mother nature. Step number one was a trip to a waterfall. Apart from admiring its untouched beauty, one could take a refreshing shower and clamber around the rocks like you did when you were a child.

The next day we decided to have a picnic on top of a nearby mountain. However, we first had to walk a narrow farmer's way and climb some rocks before we could enjoy the view and our red pepper and tomato breads. The walk was a treat itself though. The climate might not be the most agreeable for sports activy, but the beautiful forest definitely makes up for that. I have visited a few national parks and certainly enjoyed myself there, nevertheless this mountain where no one except for the local farmers goes was even better.

Then we finally reached the top and it was, in lack of a better word, completely awesome! We could hear the birdsong and the chirp of insects in the forest below us and had a stunning view of the village and the surrounding farms.

Once again, I had one of my clearest moments when climbing a hill. I have never exactly been that kind of sporting person like my sister. I always was more the reading, tea drinking and baking kind, I didn't enjoy going to the gym or anything.
However, I do realize how much good sport can do for me, especially if I do it outside. A good breath of air on top of a mountain makes up for a few hours of gasping for air, and a shower beneath a waterfall makes up for a long sweaty walk. So if you share my lack of motivation for sports, why not try to hike a nearby mountain or start with a walk through the forest?
You might not have a rainforest next door but our world offers stunningly beautiful nature everywhere, get out and discover them before they're gone.

- Sarah

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