Neigbour Food Market

Sunday, March 15, 2015

This Sunday I finally went to the Neighour Food Market in Amsterdam West. Because the thing is I always plan to go to all those fun events and then somehow often end up watching Netflix in my bed instead. Especially during the colder months this happens more often than I'd like to admit. Also this time, one of my friends had to kindly convince me to join her. And I must say I'm very happy she did. Unfortunately though, this Sunday the weather decided to go back into winter mode and put spring on hold for a while making it a bit more difficult to enjoy the part of the market that was set up outside. Luckily though the tables and a majority of the food stalls where located insight. 

There were about 30 different food stalls and most of them also offered vegan dishes which of course made me pretty happy. Besides the typical food chices such as burgers, pizzas, Chinese and Mexican dishes, some places also offered more exotic food choices. Or maybe it's just me who has never tried Cactus before? Anyways, it was definitely a lot better than expected, pretty weird taste but kind of good.

One of my favorites was a juice and smoothie stand which offered freshly squeezed products. 

I've got a beetroot and ginger juice which was definitely a good choice. One day when I'll plan to live in the same apartment or at least the same city for more than a year I'm definitely getting a juicer.

Besides amazing food you could also by vintage clothes and other vintage goodies as well as flowers.

And finally I decided to get some Dumplings filled with veggies.

Definitely a nice Sunday morning trip and it reminded me that I should go out and try new things in different areas of Amsterdam more often. Sometimes I just get so caught up in every day life and a hectic schedule, especially right before exams, that I forget to enjoy the gorgeous city I'm living in. So from now on each weekend I'm going to try to visit at least on place in Amsterdam I've never been to before. But for now I have to get back to studying, which definitely works a lot better after I've had some tasty food.

- Svenja

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