MATT & NAT (Vegan) Bags

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Animal cruelty might not have been the initial reason why I went vegan, but the more I learn about the conditions of animals on farms and in factories the more it disgusts me. So now I do not also try my best to avoid animal products in my diet but also in all the products I purchase. It's obviously possible to acquire cheap fake leather products quite easily, however, most of the time their quality does not convince me. So I was more than exciting when my parents bought me a Matt&Nat bag for christmas. It's the perfect bag for your daily life and also looks great.

Matt&Nat bags are designed in Montreal and are all vegan. They offer various models all for a reasonable prices, anything from €50 to €200.  Since 2007, they are using recycled plastic bottles to make the inner lining of the bags as well, I mean how cool is that? And what can I say I just totally fell in love with this brand. In case you're not living in North America don't worry they also ship overseas (and at least in my case this worked out just fine). If you want to look whether they have something for you just click here

Yes, it is definitely not as easy to get vegan handbags, shoes etc. as regular once, however, it is definitely not as difficult as most people think. And no you do not have to be a longhaired hippie living at the beach to care about animals and the environment (even thought hat sounds like a pretty nice life to me). And as you can see you also don't have to compromise your style.

- Svenja

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