A Day in Pictures: One Day of a volunteer's life in Ghana

Friday, February 27, 2015

Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like to live in a completely different country or culture?
Well I did and that's one of the reasons why I am living in Ghana for one year. I stay with a Ghanaian family and work in a local school. And I discovered something spectacular: Even though I could never compare Ghana to Germany because they are two different worlds, life is not so different after all!
But see for yourself and get a few impressions of my life in Agona Swedru, Central Region, Ghana.
My view as I go to the verandah to take my breakfast

Every morning I will be woken either by the crow of the neighbour's rooster, the sound of people sweeping their compounds or the call to morning prayer for the moslems in our community. Often this is earlier than I would prefer but since the sun is shining almost every day, it's quite easy to get up.

Starting the morning with oats and bananas

My usual breakfast is oats (which, as I recently discovered, are imported from Germany, near my hometown) with bananas or a freshly picked avocado (yes, we have our own avocado tree in our frontyard).

Breaktime at the primary school

Usually I'm in school from 7am until 3pm. Until recently I taught French in the primary section of the school, but this term I transferred to English Literatur at the Junior High School.

Doing some laundry

After school there are always a lot of things to do at home, today: laundry. One thing I learned from all the washing made by hand in Ghana: There's no stain that doesn't go out if you just rub hard enough.

Time for lunch

The Ghanaian food is so savoury and the fruit is so good, that a big pineapple for lunch is all you need, if your going to have dinner at my place.

Meeting friends at the spot

In Ghana "Spot" means something like bar. It's a nice place to hang out with friends, drink a malt (if you're a real Ghanaian) and talk about your day.

Dinner: Ampesi (boiled yam and plantain) with cabbage stew
Finally back at home: a big steaming plate of food and my bed waiting for me.

- Sarah

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