Thursday, February 26, 2015

I believe that there is a ton of blogs, youtubers etc. that are providing excellent education on veganism (some of which I'll link below), therefore I'll concentrate on showing you my personal views on plant based living and its impact.

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Now, first of all, let's get one thing straight: I personally do believe that living a 100% vegan lifestyle would be the ideal way to live.

But sometimes life gets messy and you end up eating that cream mushroom soup containing dairy at your university cafeteria. For some people, this might sound like not a big deal, but if you're passionate about eating a cruelty free diet this one dish can have you feeling angry for a couple of hours (ok, maybe I'm exaggerating here). This was until I read this article which reminded me that I should rather count the times I manage to eat cruelty free and therewith save lives.

Basically the article shows that it should be about the journey and not feeling bad about not always fulfilling the "vegan label".

Every time you choose not to eat meat, diary or eggs you are helping the animals, the planet and your own health. So keep that in mind the next time, you end up eating that non-vegan delicious looking cake in your favorite café. Don't beat yourself up, but also try to remind yourself of why you're eating a certain way and the consequences your choices have on others. Note to self: Becoming vegan is a journey and you help the planet with every day you eat vegan.


Favorite Videos on Veganism
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Documentaries I recommend:
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Earthlings, full
Forks Over Knives, trailer

The China Study
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