Down on the West Coast (Part 3)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Our own Garden Eden
From Shama I went further west and spent a day in Busua, which is an upcoming tourist site, due to its charming beach. It has loads of nice restaurants and guesthouses and is the right spot for surfers. If you want to spend a few relaxed days, this is the right place for you.

View from the walk to Butre
A friend of mine has once correctly said that Busua works like a magnet. Nevertheless, I soon packed my bags and did some hiking action to get to Butre, the neighbouring village, which lies behind a mountain about one hour foot walk away.

Butre is just as beautiful as Busua but far less touristic, though there are a few places to stay and enjoy the empty beach and peaceful nature.

In Butre I met some friends of mine who stayed with a Rastafari called Ellis. He will care for you in any possible way: cook great vegetarian Indian food, serve awesome lemongrass tea or even transform your hair to dreadlocks.

Ellis' place is a lush green heaven. You can spend all day long lying in a hammock and watching the birds and squirrels in the canopies or you just take a short walk through the backyard to a beautiful clean and unpeopled beach.
The only thing I hated about this place was that I had to leave it.

- Sarah

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